April 23, 2017
Tuition Policy for St. James the Greater School


Tuition Policy


Saint James the Greater School

6111 Cheviot Road

Cincinnati, Ohio  45247


Saint James the Greater Church sponsors an elementary school as a ministry to its members.  Its purpose is to educate the entire child, and especially to evangelize the child in the Catholic faith. 


Funding for the operation of the school comes from three sources.  The parish subsidizes the operation of the school with a portion of the Sunday collection, which also must support the other needs of the parish. The school depends on assistance from the State of Ohio to provide specialized services and mandated services required by the State.  The third source is the tuition paid by the families of the students attending Saint James School.  Obviously, the full cost to educate a child at Saint James is much higher than the tuition charged. 

Determining Tuition Rates  

Each spring the school administration, after consultation with the Education Commission, presents a budget to the parish Finance Council.  This budget includes the proposed tuition rates for the following school year.  After accepting the school budget, the Finance Council includes it in the full parish budget, which is then presented to the Pastoral Council.  The Pastoral Council reviews the full parish budget and then makes a recommendation to the Pastor to accept or reject the budget.  If the budget is accepted, the tuition rates are published for the following school year.

Parishioner and Non-Parishioner Rates

It is expected that parishioner families with students in the parish school support the whole parish through regular contributions through the Sunday collection.   Since it is presumed that parishioners are doing this, there is a reduced tuition rate for parishioners.  To receive the parishioner rate, the following are required:

§  The family is registered in the parish;

§  At least one parent is Catholic;

§  The child is baptized and is being raised as a Catholic.

Students who are not parishioners are invited to attend Saint James School but at the full tuition level.

There is a scale of adjusted tuition rates for parishioner families with multiple children in Saint James School.  Children in kindergarten do not qualify for multiple child discounts.  Non-parishioners are not eligible for multiple child discounts. 

Payment of Tuition 
Tuition collection is handled through an online tuition management company, FACTS.  A variety of tuition payment plans are available to meet the individual needs of our families.  The options are:
            1. Payment in full by August 1 (which entitles the family to a 2% discount) 
            2. Two semi-annual payments 
            3. Four quarterly payments 
            4. Ten monthly payments 
            5. Twenty bi-monthly payments

Tuition can be paid with a credit card or through electronic withdrawals from a checking or savings account.  The first tuition payment is due in August.  FACTS will add a $10 service charge for those families who pay with semi-annual payments.  There is no service fee if the tuition is paid in full by August 1. For all other payment plans there is a $43 service fee per family.

 The parish office and the school office do not process tuition payments. 

Tuition Assistance

St. James will be utilizing FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to determine financial need for tuition assistance here at St. James. FACTS provides an online application for families. A family's tax and income information can either be scanned and emailed or sent via mail to the company directly. The deadline for applications for St. James tuition assistance is April 15, 2017, for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you have applied for aid for a high school and also want to be considered for St. James, you will need to upload your 2016 tax information before the deadline. You do not need to reapply, you just need to update your information. This is also the process if you applied for the Archdiocesan Financial Aid. Just update your 2016 information before April 15th so your results will be sent to us to be considered for parish aid. The application can be completed at If you have any questions about tuition assistance or the application process, please contact Amy Klosterman, St. James Parish Business Manager at 741-5320.


The parish does provide the opportunity for additional tuition reduction through a tuition assistance program.  Parents can apply by submitting the necessary information to the online tuition management company, FACTS, which evaluates the family’s need and ability to pay.  This information is submitted to the parish with suggestions for an additional reduction in tuition.  The parish cannot meet all the requests for additional aid, but attempts to assist parishioners as much as possible. 

Also, The One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign designated a significant portion of the funds raised to help families with Catholic school tuition assistance. The tuition assistance awards will begin with the 2017-2018 school year. Applications are being accepted now. Visit for more information.

John Merritt Grade School Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships provided from the parish budget, two (2) $500 scholarships from the John Merritt Scholarship Fund are awarded to students currently attending or intending to attend St. James School in the next academic year. This is a one-time grant and is not automatically renewable. Students could apply again. The deadline for the grade school scholarships is March 15, 2017 for 2017-18 school year.  These are also based on need along with other criteria per the application form below which you can click to download.

Criteria and Application Form

High School John Merritt Scholarships
Each year two (2) $1,000 scholarships are awarded by the parish to graduating students from St. James School to be applied to that student's tuition at a Catholic High School.  The grant is renewable for each year of high school as long as the student meets the necessary requirements.  The deadline for applications for the high school scholarships is March 1, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year.  For criteria and application form, click below to download.
Criteria and Application Form

Tuition assistance is not applicable to non-parishioners. 

Other Fees

There is registration fee of $150.00 per family, of which $50.00 will be applied to next year's tuition.  This fee is not refundable if the family chooses another school.

St. James School does not assess additional fees for textbooks, labs, art, etc.   There is a per-family cafeteria fee which is added to the tuition amount.

Additional Stipulations

If a family is delinquent in tuition payments, the child’s report card will be held for that quarter. 

All tuition must be paid in full for the transfer of school records to another school, including high schools.

All tuition must be paid in full for the student to participate in the 8th grade graduation ceremonies.

All tuition must be paid in full before the registration for the following school year is confirmed.

Registration to Facts must be done before the registration for the following school year is confirmed.


School Tuition for 2016-17

Grades 1 through 8                                                                  Kindergarten

Full tuition                                    $5,095.00                              Full-day                        $3,665

One child (parishioner)              $3,665.00                                 

Two children (parishioners)      $7,120.00

Three children (parishioners)    $10,095.00

Four children (parishioners)      $10,995.00

SCHOOL TUITION FOR 2017-18 to be determined

 Policy revised February, 2014