May 17, 2022
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The Shell 8-17-20

VIRTUS®—Child Protection—Update

  Child Protection Policy—Protecting God’s Children:

 St. James’ upcoming workshop is:   September 22nd at 6:00 pm. Pre-registration ONLINE is required before attending a workshop. You will be required to read monthly bulletins to remain approved to volunteer.  Additional information regarding other locations and dates etc. are found under the Parish Info Tab, Archdiocese Child Protection Policy.

REMEMBER—To keep up on reading your monthly bulletins, if you have already taken the workshop.

    New volunteers must attend a VIRTUS workshop and complete the background check through their VIRTUS account prior to volunteering or coaching.  For details and requirements, please visit our web page, click the Parish Info Tab, then Archdiocese Child Protection Policy.  EVERYONE  NEEDS to complete the background check through their VIRTUS account (cost is $25). This is a one-time requirement. 



Pray A Minute: One Million Hours of Prayer

 for Peace, Justice and Goodwill


Do you believe in the power of prayer? What might happen if every Catholic would pray just one minute more than they already do, every day, for the specific intention of peace, justice and goodwill? 

From now until January 1, the World Day of Prayer for Peace, Catholics from across the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are invited to unite in prayer for the spiritual renewal of our country. Together, we will pray one million hours! Learn more and commit to doing your part at

Pray a Minute
A Prayer for Peace, Justice and Goodwill

Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
Almighty God,
you created us in your image and likeness,
forming one human family.
In your enduring love,
you have promised to never leave us.
In the midst of strife and turmoil in our land,
we ask you for peace.
May victims of injustice be relieved of their suffering.
Help us, your children, to be people of goodwill,
radiating the light of faith.
May the example of Mary, the Queen of Peace,
  move us to be more faithful disciples of your Son.
Send your Holy Spirit to inspire us in word and deed,
as we strive to bring about your kingdom here on earth.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.