July 06, 2020
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Update for St. James the Greater


March 19, 2020


Dear friends,

 As we go through this trying time, please remember our staff and I are praying with and for all of you. 

I want to share a few suggestions for things we can do to help each other.  I repeat my request that we all pray the Memorare at noon each day so that we connect with each other in common prayer. 

What can we do for our neighbors?

·        Go to the grocery for an older person (which is 65 or over according to some), especially if they are compromised by hearts issues, etc.  Get their grocery list and do the shopping for them.

·        Check in with older people and anybody who is alone.  This can be a phone call every day or two.  It is especially important to call those in nursing homes and retirement centers.  They are probably confined to their rooms and have little social interaction.  This checks on their health and simple breaks the boredom of the day.

·        If you are outside, be sure to wave or call over to a neighbor who is also in the yard or walking down the street. 

·        Have take-out for lunch or dinner at least once a week to help local restaurants.  Try to focus on local owned small business since they will have a harder time than the large chains.

·        Make an extra effort to spread happiness.  People can get cranky during stressful times.  We all have to lighten the atmosphere for everybody. 

Our parish office will have varied hours for the next weeks.  If you need to come to the office for something important, please call (741-5300) to make sure it cannot be handled over the phone and that someone will be in the office to help.

 God bless you and stay well.

Fr. Nolker