May 29, 2023
Church Renovation

History of the Church Renovation Project


2009                After a renewal process involving hundreds of parishioners. Comments in that process solidified the sense that a lot of
                        parishioners dislike the church.  The Worship commission began discussing repairs for the church.

                        Father Nolker began talking privately with parishioners about their feelings toward renovation/repair of the church.


 2010                A committee was formed to consider whether to repair or fully renovate.  The decision was made that full renovation was
                         the best approach.

                         Pastoral Council was asked by the Worship Commission if this project was something they would endorse studying.  Council
                         advised that the study should be made.

                         By late summer several architects were invited to view the existing space, listen to our needs/goals and give a preliminary
                         assessment of what might be done.  David Sweeney was chosen to pursue the study.

                         November 7   At Sunday Masses the parish was told that the study was underway.


2011                February        An update about the work being done by the committee was given to the parish. 
                                             Preliminary concepts were developed and revised many times.  By May a plan was accepted by the committee.

                         June 15        The preliminary designs and budget were presented to Pastoral Council and Finance Council.  Both were
                                              enthusiastic and made the recommendation to proceed with design development and fund raising.

                         June 24        The Sunday Masses included an update.

                         September 20 - 28  The design video was presented to the parish for comment. It was put on the parish web site.

                         November 20 The first presentation about the fund drive was given at
                                              the Sunday Masses                                                         

                        December 4    The second presentation on the fund drive was given at all Sunday Masses.

                        December 11  This was “Commitment Sunday” with a third presentation and pledge cards were filled out by parishioners.
                                              Over $700,000 was pledged that day, bringing the total to $1 million.

 2012                March 18        It was announced at all Sunday Masses that the drive had met its goal of $1.5 million.

                         May 17           Approval of the designs was given by Archbishop Schnurr an Archdiocesan Worship Office.

                         November 21  Bids from general contractors were received and opened.

                         December 26  The church closes.  Parishioners remove the pews from the church.

                         December 31  The contractor starts!

2013                 May 11            Church reopens!

Church Renovation Picture Gallery
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